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Choir Tour 2008 – Mammoth

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    Have fun.


    Thursday — Day 1

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  • Saturday — Day 4

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  • Sunday — Day 4 – Return Home.

    April 22nd, 2008

    Skyler 3 Months Old

    Hi Everyone.

    Here are a few of Skylers pics. He’s already 3 months old!!!

    2 days old

    A little over 2 months old.

    A little over 2 months old.

    Almost 3 months old

    See you all this Sunday!

    October 24th, 2007

    Hi Everyone!


    August 9th, 2007

    Skyler’s Here!!!

    Hello Everybody!

    I’ll see you guys later!!!


    Skyler Sean Angulo, 1 Week Old.

    August 3rd, 2007

    Spring Mother’s Day Concert

    May 13th, 2007

    Choir Tour 2007 – Yosemite

    Day 1 -Thursday

    We left on Thursday and hit a few high schools before heading out to Fresno.

    Headed out to Fresno.

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    Day 3 – Saturday

    Drive to Yosemite National Park

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    Yosemite Falls


    Concert at Yosemite Valley Chapel

    Day 4 – Sunday

    On our way home…


    March 26th, 2007